Voice and piano

Hungarian "Two songs on poems of Miklos Radnoty" [1949]


French "Chanson d'un petit hypertrophique" [Jules Laforgue] [1958]


Hebrew "The floating tower [20 songs on Mishnaic texts]" [1972-73] Renanot

[11 songs in 3 booklets " "] [1972-73] I.M.I


Hebrew "Merry feet" [Nurit Yuval] [1978] CD Bar-Ilan Univ. Institute for integration


Hebrew "Kaddish – Haven yakir li" [2 arias from Cycles of life] [1984] rec. Yotam Cohen


English "Bestiary" [4 animal songs afterTed Hughes] [1993] 22'20" –I.M.I –Retroportrait 2 songs 

Mira Zakai/Y.Zaks. complete cycle CD "Unsleeping"BGR177

with Patricia Green/John Hess


Hebrew "In the lion's den" [5 East European cantorial pieces] [2008]

rec. Asher Heinovitz and the composer


Voice and hurdy-gurdy

French "Sept chansons" [after Ulysses from James Joyce] [1965] 

Vocal duet and percussion

Hebrew "Mishley Shlomo" [Book of Proverbs] [1977] I.M.I


Voice,Vl,Cl,accordion, trombone

Yiddish "The horse and the coachman" [7 ancient Yiddish songs] [2009]



Boy's or women's choir "The song of the sea" {Bitziniot Nov] a.capella [1975] Renanot

Rec. Anchor choir

"Four songs without words" [with piano] 1993 I.M.I rec. Liron Choir

"When the Bible smiles" 7 pieces a.capella on the Book of Proverbs [2007]

Rec. Liron ch./Ronit Shapira

"Stanzas of love and death" [Ibn Danan-Ibn Gavirol] a.capella [1995] I.M.I

Rec Liron Choir/Ronit Shapira

"Three Mishnayiot" a.capella [1973] I.M.I

Mixed choir "The questions of the sons" [from the Pessach Aggada] a.capella [1974]

 Saul - Michal" [Biblical profiles] 2 pieces a.capella [1974] Renanot 

rec, Jerusalem Academy's choir/Stanley Sperber

"Nopolo songs" [Steve Chimombo] in English [1992] [3 songs]

rec. Cantus ch./R. Hegman

Men's choir "Four Shabat table songs" 2002