Play "Ludus Paschalis" [Passover play] [1970] Boy's choir, vocal group, toys instruments 20' –I.M.I

rec. Telma Yallin ch./Yoav Talmi and Jerusalem Boys choir/Yonatan Lesser

Choral opera "The story of Jonas" [1985-86] girls choir, alt solo, 2 pianos. Perc. Db 45'

Rec. Efroni Choir/Maya Shavit. Soloist Esti Kenan

Oratorio with choirs and actors "Job and his comforters" [1992] [Texts in English and Hebrew] about 65'

Musical theatrical show Kulmus hanefesh [Writing from within] [based on Chabad old songs]

Collective composition of the "Haoman Hai Ensemble" [2004] 55'25''

CD Jerusalem Music Center/Jewish Music Research center CJM 0901

Musical theatrical work "The floating tower" [Mishnayiot] 2006 [about 50'] scenic version

Andre Hajdu's Mishna songs rearranged by "Haoman Hai ensemble"

CD Hazira Performance center

Neurodrama "Kings of Misery" [after Oliver Sachs] [2009] about 28', theatrical and narrative with live, 

soundtrack and video animation. DVD

Miscellaneous pieces "The ten plagues" 1982 Music for a broadcast of Nathan Alterman's

"ten plagues" read by 4 actors with a soundtrack of improvisations

[organ, flutes, violin]

Complete version [about 1 hour], short version [music only about 25']