String Orchestra

"Divertimento" [1988] -13'- I.M.I rec.I.Perlman international chamber Orch.

M.Nebenhaus / IDF string orchestra

+ Cl solo Jewish Raphsody [Teruath Melech] [1974] -22'- I.M.I 

CD Feidman in Jerusalem Pläne88768 – Orit Orbach Music minus one

+ narrator The prophet of truth and the prophet of deceit [1977] -24'- I.M.I

Rec. Noam Sherif/Kibbutz orch. and Stanley Sperber Jerusalem s. orch

and soloists Symphonie concertante [1993] -14'- I.M.I rec. L.Gorelik/JSO


Symphony Orchestra

"Petit enfer" [1959] -13'- I.M.I rec. Orch.National de Paris / Janos Komives

Jerusalem Symph. Orch. / Gary Bertini

Babeliana [1963] I.M.I

The unbearable intensity of youth [1976] -18'- I.M.I 

rec.Israel Chamber Orch./Mendi Rodan, Budapest Festival Orch/Asher Fisch


Splinters of night [Fantasia on Kol Nidrey and motives of J.S Bach] 2001 -18'-

Rec. Rishon Symph. Orch./ Kaufman


+ Cl solo Bashful serenades [1978] -14'50"- rec. Jerusalem Symph. Orch./ L. Foss

Gershon Dembinsky/clarinet

+ choir Psalms [1982] -28'- I.M.I rec. Jerusalem Symph. Orch./ Gary Bertini

+ baryton solo David Wilson-Johnson [baryton]


+ children choir Cycles of life [on biblical verses] oratorio [1984] about 50' 

and tenor solo rec. Israel Chamber Orch./ Itai Telgam/J. Malovani


Symph. Orch. mixed choir Dreams of Spain [cantata about the expulsion of the Jews from Spain]

+ boy's choir, tenor, alt [1991] – 41'- I.M.I CD Hungaroton HCD31872


Symph. Orch.mixed choir The floating tower [Mishnayiot] orchestral version -22'- I.M.I 

Rec. Israel Chamber orch./ Cameran choir / Avner Itay


Symphonic band From the towns of Ancient Europa [Ancient dances] [1986] -17'45"-

CD Bar-Ilan composers/Florida wind orch./Laszlo Marosi