1. Two songs on Miklos Radnoti's poems. 1949. Piano/voice. 5’
Incantation - Forced marche [in hungarian]
2. Gypsy Cantata. 1955. Mixed choir and orchestra. 35'
[in gypsy and hungarian] was recorded by Hungarian Radio orchestra
and choir - Won the first prize at Warsaw 's Youth Composition Competition
3. "Sports". 1956. Suite for piano. 15'. [orch. Version 1964]
4. "Plasmas". 1957. Six pieces for piano. 6'. Ed. Suvini Zerboni
recorded by Gisele Brelet, Ora Rotem and Gabriella Lang
5. Chanson du petit hypertrophique [Jules Laforgue]. 1957. Voice/piano. 5'
6. Sonatine for piano. 1958. 12'
7. Petit Enfer [Little Hell]. 1959. Symphony orchestra. 16'. Recorded by
Orchestre National de Paris . Dir : Janos Komives and by Jerusalem Symphony
Orch.[Kol Israel Orch.] Dir : Gari Bertini Publ: Israel Music Inst.
Was also performed as a ballet in 1977 by the Bat-Cheva Dance Company
  1. Journal de Sidi-BouSaid. 1960. Piano. 6' – recorded by Ora Rotem and Gabriella Lang
8a. Voyage autour de mon piano. 1963. Piano 8’30
Published by I.M.I. Recorded by Gabriella Lang and Zacharia Plavin
9. Babeliana. 1964. Symphony Orchestra. 20'. Publ : I.M.I
10. Seven songs on texts of James Joyce. 1965. [from Ulysses]. 13'.
Voice/hurdy-gurdy [viola/cello] – recorded by Miriam Meltzer and Myrna Herzog
11. Chaconne for guitar. 1965. 13'
12. Three settings on Obadia the Proselyte's songs. 1966. Voice/piano. 9'.
Publ : I.M.I – recorded by Jerusalem Boys’s Choir/ dir. Jonathan Lesser
13. 1st Concerto for piano and orch. 1968. 25'. Rec. by Kol Israel Orch. Mendi
Rodan/Ilona Vincze
14. Ludus Paschalis 1970 . 20’ [ miniature opera for boys and men's choir,
soloists and percussion ensemble .Was performed as a part of Testimonium II.
Cond : YoavTalmi, Rinat soloists and Telma Yallin Boys choir. [Staged by Gari Bertini]
Texts : Talmud, Psalms , Passover Plays. 25'. Publ : I.M.I
A new performance was in Festival HaNeguev/Sede Boker in 2001, staged and
directed by Jonathan Lesser with Jerusalem Boys’s Choir and six male chorists.
15. “Mishnayot"[the floating tower]. 1971-73. 56 songs and choral pieces,
either a capella or piano or orchestral accompaniment. 20 songs published
under the title ; “The floating Tower” by Religious Music Institute [Renanot],
3 booklets for boy's choir were published by I.M.I, 3 fascicles of A capella
pieces were also issued by I.M.I. The orchestral version was performed by
Israeli Chamber orchestra and Cameran Choir. Cond : Avner Itai.
5 songs are included in the CD of Eva Ben Zvi
New vocal instrumental version 2006. Many performances with Haoman Hai ensemble
16. House of Saul [Biblical Profiles: 1 Michal - 2 Saul] 1974. A capella mixed
choir. Publ : Renanot – performed by Rinat Choir/dir. Stanley Sperber
17. ‘The questions of the sons'. 1974. Motet for mixed choir a capella. 11'
Passover Haggada. Publ. Histadrout Choral Anthology
18. "Terouat Melech"[Shout of a King]. 1974. Rhapsody on Jewish Themes for
clarinet and string orchestra. 22'. Publ : I.M.I. Recorded by Giora Feidman
with Jerusalem Symph. Orch. Conducted by David Shalon [ CD Plane 88768 .
Dortmund] and by Orit Orbach with Ashdod Chamber orchestra cond. by Luis
Gorelik. Also recorded on CD [Minus One] by Orit Orbach conducted by
Nayden Todorov with the Plovdiv Festival Orchestra [Bulgaria]
19. “Venahafoch hou" [Just the opposite]. 1975. For a capella mixed choir. 5'.
Text : Megillat Esther
20. “The song of the Sea"[Chirat Hayam - Bitziniot Nov]. 1975. Text : Exodus. 12
duets for two part children's choir. Publ : Religious Music Inst.[Renanot]- recorded
by Anchor Choir/
21. "Milky Way'. For piano. 1975-76. In 4 volumes : 1] The Child and the
Pendulum , 2] Rhythmical patterns 3] From Monody to Harmony, 4] Music in
Styles. 71 pieces. Published by Or-Tav [Hebrew- English] and Sikorski
[Hamburg] [German/English] – recorded by the composer
22. Two pieces for piano duet . 1] Ehad mi yodea, 2] Al ahat kama vekama
Two Hassidic tunes for piano Two Prayer songs for piano.1975. Publ : I.M.I
23. "Military Diary" The art of Canon. 1976. 30 canons for various instruments
and narrator.
24. "Stories about mischievous children [The unbearable intensity of Youth]. 1976
Recorded by Mendi Rodan with Israeli Chamber Orchestra. 18' and Budapest
Festival Orchestra/dir. Asher Fisch
25. "Five sketches in sentimental mood" . 1976. For piano quartet. 10'. I.M.I.
Recorded by Cantilena Players, Israeli Piano Quartet and other ensembles.
26. “Merry Feet [Raglaim S'mechot] 1977. Voice/piano. Recorded in 98 by Esti
Kenan-Ofri/Andre Hajdu [Tslilim berosh] - Text : Nourit Yuval
27. "The prophet of the truth and the prophet of deceit".[Book of Kings I chap.13] 1977.
For string orchestra and narrator. 22'50. Recorded by Noam Sherif with Israeli Kibbutz Orch.
28. "Mishley" King's Solomon Proverbs. 1977. 12 duets for female voices and
percussion 2nd version 1990 for children's choir, piano and percussion.
Publ : I.M.I
29. Concerto for ten little pianists and grand orchestra1978. 30'Recorded with
Stockholm Philarmonic Orchestra. Several videotapes with Petach-Tikwa Conservatory,
Gödöllö Conservatory [Hungary], Wernigerode Conservatory [Germany] and Braunschweig
Symph. Orchestra for the Orchestral version. Many recordings in 2 pianos version. Publ : I.M.I
  1. Bashful Serenades” 1978 . Clarinet and symph. Orch. 22’ . Recorded by Gershon Dembinski, clarinet, with the Jerusalem Symph. Orch. Conducted by Lukas Foss
  2. Instants suspendus” 1978 [revised 1990] 18’ . 12 preludes for violin solo. [also versions for viola and cello. Rec.by Peter Somogyi and Eckart Lorensen [violin] .
The cello version with Ina Joost is available on CD . Viola version with Itamar Ringel Published by I.M.I
  1. Prelude and choral variations on Habad folktunes” 1979 for men’s choir and instrumental ensemble. 14’. Recorded by Cantilena Players [Joel Sachs] and Renanim [Stanley Sperber]
  2. Symphony. 1980 for orchestra
  3. The ten plagues” 1982. Music for organ, flute, bass flute and violin for a radio program on Nathan Alterman’s poem. \played by the author with Tania Susskin[violin] and Steve
Hornstein [flute and bass flute]
  1. Psalms” . 1982 for bass solo, children,s choir and symph. Orch. 30’ recorded by Jerusalem Symph. Orch. Cond. by Gari Bertini . Publ :I.M.I
  2. The Postcard [text Miklos Radnoty] 6’ voice and instrumental group 1982
  3. Five inventions for piano duet [ Morning Thoughts] 1983 . 11’ Publ : M.A.L.I. recorded by the author with Ora Rotem, also on video with Renate Helmish
  4. On Light and Depht [Prelude and interludes] for chamber orch. 1983-84. Publ :IMI
Recorded on CD by Israeli Chamber Orch conducted by Yoav Talmi . 22’
  1. Cycles of Life”T’sror Hachaim. 1984. Cantata for tenor solo, children’s choir and chamber orch . Biblical and homelitical texts. Recorded by Joseph Malovany [tenor]
Tel-Aviv Cons. Children’s choir and Tel-Aviv Symph. Orch. Cond ; Itai Telgam 45’
39a] Kaddish from the same cantata recorded on CD by Yotam Cohen
  1. Jonas”, biblical opera for children’s choir and alto solo 1985-86-87 . performed in Israel Festival 1987 staged by Gabi Eldor and performed by Efroni choir [Maya Shavit]
And Esti Kenan-Ofri [first version accompanied by 2 pianos, percussion, double bass –
Second version for 22 instruments] 50’
41. Overture in the form of a kite for string orch. 1985. Publ :IMI . 6’
42. Ancient dances [From the towns of Eastern Europe]1986 for symphonic band 20’
recorded for the Hungarian radio station cond : Eitan Avitsur
on CD [Bar-Ilan] Florida State University Wind Orchestra directed by Laszlo Marosi
  1. Niggunim” for men’s choir and instrumental group 1986 . 15’
  2. Chamber music for Jewish Weddings 1986 for instrumental group 15’
  3. Five etudes on Jewish Themes for violin and clarinet 1987 . revised version 4 etudes 1997
recorded by Orit Orbach [clarinet] and Gilaad Hildesheim [violin] and by
Giora Feidman [clarinet] and Wolfgang Pentsich [violin] 10’
  1. The art of piano playing/ 32 etudes for piano in 2 volumes. 1987-88 Publ : Or-Tav Recorded by the author for Kol Israel
47. Divertimento for strings . 1988 . 14’ .recorded by Frankfurt Junge Philarmonike Orch
and the IDF string orchestra directed by Menachem Nebenhaus
48. Caprices multicolores. 1988 1rst version for 5 players, 1990 2nd version for 9 players
15’ recorded by Kol Israel cond :Gideon Levinson
49. Little Symphony for winds. 1988 played by Philarmonistes of Chateauroux [Janos Komives]
50. Purim’s songs . 1988 for children’s choir – Jerusalem Boys’s Choir/dir. Jonathan Lesser.
New version 2006
51. Noir sur Blanc – 5 pieces en l’honneur du clavier. 1988 for piano Publ : IMI
52. Moments musicaux - flute, clarinet, viola, cello
2nd version [Octet] for flute, oboe, clar., bassoon, vl, vla, vc and db . 1989
  1. Sonatine in french style for flute and cello . 1990. M.A.L.I recorded Ina Joost/Y. Buchman Recorded on CD with Ina Joost [cello] and Avigail Dolan [flute]
  2. Concerto for an ending century [2nd piano concerto] - 1990 - recorded by Beer-Sheva Sinfonietta with Michal Tal [piano] cond : Mendi Rodan . recorded for CD Hungaroton Omer Arieli [piano] / Nayden Todorov conducting Sofia Festival Orchestra. 2004 Dec. HaNegev Festival Ariel Halevy [piano]/Omer Welber dir/Israel Chamber Orchestra.- 2005 Nov. 8th and 12th Ariel Halevy [piano] Herzlia Orch. Harvey Bordovitz [dir]
  3. Dreams of Spain [cantata about the expulsion of the Jews from Spain] – 1991 - tenor and alto solo, narrator mixed choid, boy’s group and symphonic orchestra. Performed in Chicago Grant Park Festival, Segovia Festival and Jerusalem/Israel Festival. Recorded for Hungaroton CD conducted by Nayden Todorov and Sofia Festival Orchestra. 40’
  4. Job and his comforters . 1992 -oratorio for tenor solo, 3 soloists, double choir, symphony orchestra and 2 actors . 65’
  5. Songs of Napolo [text Steve Chimombo] 3 pieces for choir . 1992. 10
  6. Symphonie concertante for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, violin, cello and string orch. 1993
Publ: IMI . recorded Jerusalem Symphonic Orch . conducted by Luis Gorelik. 17’
  1. Four songs without words. 1993. For children’s choir and piano . Publ : IMI
  2. Bestiary. 4 songs for voice and piano on poems by Ted Hughes . 1993 . Publ : IMI
Rec. by Mira Zakai [alto] and Jonathan Zak [piano], Patricia Green/Sergei Kwitko
  1. Kohelet. [l’Ecclesiaste] Music for cello solo and ensemble of 3 celli for the reading
of the biblical book. Performed in Festival Lille 1994. Recorded for CD [BMG-RCA
Victor] Publ : BMG Paris Samy Frey narrator, Sonia Wieder-Atherton cello – 60’
Definite partition including the incidental music under the text revised for the German
Version [2002]. Recorded from the concert at the Jewish Museum in Berlin 2002 January 6th
With Udo Samel [narrator] Shmuel Magen, Hillel Zori, Zvi Plesser and Emmanuel Gruber
  1. Stanzas of Love and Death. For women’s choir a capella [texts : Ibn Danan, Ibn Gabirol]
. 1995 . Publ : IMI
  1. Continuum for 15 instruments and piano solo. 1995. Recorded by Ensemble 2e2m Paris
with Ora Rotem-Nelken. 15’. Publ : IMI- Ora Rotem/Ensemble Kaprizma 2002 March 11th
  1. Metamorphoses. 1996 . for piano
  2. Variations for string quartet. . 20’
  3. Birth of a Niggun. For flute, clarinet and piano. 1998. Recorded by Orit Orbach [clarinet]
Avigail Dolan [flute] and Anat Sharon [piano] on CD . 14’
  1. The foundation of our city [ a tale by S.Y Agnon] for narrator and symphonic band. 40’
  2. Music for three [violin, cello, piano] 1999 performed by Imbar trio Wien . 12’
  3. Mishna variations for string quartet - 1999 - 20’ Recorded on CD by Sonnant Quartet
  4. Book of Challenges for piano.1991-99[The Player as a Partner] Collection of pieces,games
and exercises in 3 volumes : I-Hands and Keyboard, II-Time and Rhythm, III- The
composer’s mind. Publ. by I.M.I . rec. by Arik Halevy,Avital Reshef, Amit Gilouts and
Yuval Brunner.
  1. Six Viennese portraits for string quartet [simple or double] – 2000 –
1/ Mozart [double – 2/ Haydn [simple] – 3/ Schubert [simple] – 4/ Young Beethoven
[double] – 5/ Late Beethoven [simple] –6/ Brahms [simple or double]
71 b – version for piano duet and two pianos
  1. B.A.C.H D.I.E.S – 2000 – for 17 instruments after Contrapunctus XV of the Art of Fugue
from J.S Bach. Recorded by Ensemble Kaprizma [Jerusalem 2001]
  1. Splinters of Night [Ressisei Laila]/Fantasia on ten motives of J.S Bach and the tune of
Kol Nidrey for symphony orchestra
Commissioned by the Richon-Le-Tsion orchestra. 2001. Premiered on Dec. 5th 2001
  1. Die dritte Hand [The third hand] – 12 pieces for hand-crossing [piano solo] – 2001
  2. Sonatina rotativa [Revolving sonatina] – for 12 [or 6, or 4, or 3] players on the same
keyboard . 2001
  1. Scarlatti’s cat – for eleven instruments and six metronomes 2002 – premiered b
Ensemble Kaprizma 2002 March 11th
  1. Three settings on Shabat table songs – for a-cappella men’s choir – July/Aug 2002. – Tsur Michelo – Chimrou Shabtotai – Shalom aleichem
  2. Eaux limpides [Limpid Waters] – Musings of a piano without pedal - ??2002 Aug/Sept. rec. by Ora Rotem
  3. Harmony lessons in the Middle East – Eleven versions on a theme of Rotem - piano – 2002. rec. by Liat Yaniv
  4. Psalmus Hebraicus [Pada beshalom nafschi] – 2003 – for men’s choir and piano
- also version for men’s choir and symphony orchestra
81. Chants from the hidden [Shirim min Hageniza] – 4 Lubavitch songs for piano - 2003
1] Tsam’ah lekha nafshi
2] Haneshama yoredet letokh haguf
3] Niggun mi Poltava
4] Niggun shalosh bavot – recorded by Marietta Gormezano
  • version for piano and viola of 3 songs [1-3-4]. Rec. by the composer and Itamar Ringel
  • version for piano and cello of 3 songs [1-3-4]
  • version for piano and violin of 3 songs [1-3-4]
82. Insomnia noctis [Shadows and Echoes] [2004] for double-bass and chamber ensemble [flutes [4 sizes], bass- clarinet, trombone, accordion, percussions [celesta, marimba, crotales and chimes], harp and viola. Performed at Ann Arbor [Michigan] soloist Ron Merhavi [double-bass/lyric bass] [October 2004]
83. Une sonate tardive/A late Sonata – 2005 for piano [dedicated to BenZion Orgad]
Rec. Ora Rotem and also by the composer
84. The upright pianist -16 pieces for a standing player [with some motion] 2005 June/July
Triptych 1- Jericho, Triptych 2 – Tamburino, Triptych 3 – Chinese and Japanese,
Triptych 4 – Plucked, Triptych 5 – Turn the back, Epilogue – Strings and keys.
Dedicated to Alexander Goehr
85. Lyric Suite/Chamber pieces for clarinet and string quartet [Summer 2005]
Also versions for clarinet and piano and piano solo
86. Coplas Sefaradi - 4 Ladino songs for piano duet – after Alberto Hemsi [2005]
87. Conversations with Domenico – for 2 marimbas and other percussion instruments [2006]
88. Aimantation [Arfilei Tohar] for piano. Nov 2006 – Jan. 2007 [10']
89. Domenico et Frederico – une correspondance posthume – pour piano April 2007
90. Adagio for piano solo. May 2007
91. When the Bible smiles – 6 short pieces on the Book of Proverbs for girl's choir .Summer 2007
92. Mimes and pantomimes – for double bass [spring 2008]
93. In the Lion's Den [Be gov ha arayot] – from the treasury of East European chant [spring 2008]
94. Reed and Breeze. Music for wind quintet. [fall 2008]
95. Kings of Misery a musical psychodrama about clinical cases described by Oliver Sachs.
Actor, narrator, video and soundtrack, music for 5 players and piano [composed together with
Nori Jacobi] January-March 2009.
96. Nostalgy for Pontito variations on an Italian folksong for piano spring 2009.
97. The horse and the coachman [6 Yiddish songs for voice, violin, clarinet, accordion and trombone ] May-June 2009.
98. On the wings of a butterfly - 8 little suites for piano – July-December 2009.
99. Inventions for violin and cello . August-December 2009.