Vl "Instants suspendus" [12 preludes] -1979- 16'20'' –I.M.I-

Vla "Instants suspendus" 

Vc "Instants suspendus"  CD Music for Chamber ensembles [see discography]

Vl.Cl "Four Etudes on Jewish themes" -1987- 10' rec.Giora Feidman/W. Pentchich

OritOrbach/Gilaad Hildesheimer

Vl.Vc New inventions [2009] 14'


Vl.piano Chants from the Hidden

[meditation on 3 Habad songs] 2003 -14'- rec.S.Abelovitch/Ziv Li


Vla.piano "Chants from the Hidden" rec. Itamar Ringel/N. Wagner


Vc.piano "Chants from the Hidden" rec. Gottlibovitch/Trachtman


Fl.piano "Suite lyrique et capricieuse" [2005] -10'


Cl.piano Suite lyrique et capricieuse [2005] -10'


Fl.CL, piano "Birth of a Niggun" [1998] 11'20" CD Music for Chamber Ensemb.


Fl.Cl.Vla.Vc "Moments musicaux" [1988] 13'


String quartet "Mishna Variations" [1999] 17'20"


String quartet "Six Viennese portraits" [2000]

Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Early Beethoven, Late Beethoven, Brahms


Vl.Vla.Vc.piano "Five sketches in sentimental mood" [1976] 12' I.M.I rec.Cantilena ensemble


4 violoncelli.narrator "Ecclesiaste [Kohelet]" [1994] 68' BMG CD RCA.Victor
 LC 0316


Cl.string quartet "Jewish Rhapsody [Teruath Melech]" version 2008


Wind quintet "Reed and breeze" [2008] 


CHAMBER MUSIC - larger ensembles


17 players "B.A.C.H D.I.E.S" [2000] 10'43'' CD Music for Chamber Ensemble

11 players/6 metronomes "Scarlatti's cat" rec. Kaprizma Ensemble


Db solo and 7 players "Insomnia noctis" [Shadows and Echoes] 2004 16'42 CD Retroportrait


12 players "Suite lyrique et capricieuse" 2005 9'